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Hello.I am Han Sung-soon, a storyteller of wildflowers who is making their first appearance in the world.Today, I would like to introduce you to the 41st wild flower story, Amur adonis.The flower language is called eternal happiness in the East and sad memories in the West.

It is a perennial plant belonging to the buttercup family.It is native to Asia and is distributed in mountains and forests.The rhizome is short and thick,and there are many black-brown fine roots, so it looks like a mustache root.The leaves are alternate and feathery,with green stipules under the petiole.Yellow flowers with a diameter of 3 to 4 cm bloom in early spring.Because of the color of the petals, it was nicknamed 'Golden Flower'.

It symbolizes wealth and happiness.In the northern regions, you can see flowers blooming between the eyes, so it is called snow-colored flowers.The yellow flowers that bloom in early spring bring joy,so the name of the plant was given,meaning good fortune and longevity.In China, it is also called seolyeonbecause it is a lotus that blooms in the snow.

The roots and stems contain adonitoxin, so it is used as a cardiac medicine and a diuretic in oriental medicine.After flowering and fruiting, the stems and roots should be dried in the shade as soon as possible.However, be careful not to eat too much at once,as ascites plants contain a very strong poison.The goddess of spring blooming in the snow One of the flowers that blooms even in the early spring snow is the assimilation plant.

There is still snow all around, but the succulents often have yellow flowers blooming on the short branches.By the way, this does not come up out of the snow,but it snows while the flowers have bloomed first.Bokpocho means to receive good fortune and live a long life, not only in Korea, but also in Japan and China.Especially in Japan,there is a custom of giving a gift of plentiful plants on New Year's Day.When the flower stalk rises and flowers bloom,the leaves begin to unfold behind the flower.

The flowers bloom from February to May, and the size is 4 to 6 cm,and a single cluster hangs at the end of the stem.It is characterized by very many petals.In the center of the flower, yellow stamens are gathered, and there are light green pistils with multiple projections in the stamens.The fruits run unevenly like star candy in June or July. Three types of ascites plants have recently been reported in Korea.

These are the Sebok aquatic plants, Gaebok aquatic plants,and Apothecary plants growing on Jeju Island.In summer, the temperature rises, and they wither and disappear,which is a characteristic of these ascites plants.Sebok aquatic plants have large flowers and the leaves come up when they bloom.When it snows on Mt. Halla in spring,the Sebokshu flower looks like it has bloomed in the snow.As for the aloe vera, the branches are divided, and up to three flowers are hung.

It is distributed in Deokjeokdo and Baekado.The branched plentiful plant has more finely branched branches and the split leaf fragments are thinner than that of the branched plentiful plant.It is distributed in Gwangneung, Gyeonggi-do.Boksucho is a representative flower that symbolizes fortune and longevity, or wealth and happiness.It is called 'Ice Bird Flower' or 'Snow Saegi Flower' because it blooms through snow and ice in the mountains in early spring.

Coincidentally, the early flowering period of the plentiful plant,which is nicknamed Wonilcho because it blooms first in the new year, coincides with the Lunar New Year.A flower that blooms through small snow and ice.It can be said that early spring in the mountains is a season where only white snowballs that have not yet melted can be seen at the foot of the mountain in early spring,where there is no green color at all.In all directions, there is only a brown stillness that flows quietly,and from afar, a few bright yellow flowers are suddenly dazzling.

The main character is the ascites plant (Amur adonis).When they first hear the name ‘revengecho’,many people think of the terrifying legend of revenge.However, plural flowers are representative flowers that symbolize good fortune and longevity, or wealth and happiness.The name Boksucho is derived from the Japanese-style Chinese character name, and if it had been named in the Korean style,it would have been ‘Subokcho’ meaning Subokgangnyeong.

In the early spring, the succulent plant, which blooms early in the mountains, is also called ‘ice bird flower’because it blooms through the gap between snow and ice.The flower looks like a golden cup, so it is called 'Golden lily flower'.It is also called 'eye color flower'because it melts in a circle around it and creates a hole.In Hoengseong, Gangwon-do, plentiful plants are called snowflakes.At the end of winter, when spring is eagerly awaited, the flowersthat come to mind are camellias, plums, and plentiful plants.

In Japan, the name of this flower is 'blessings' and 'life',so it means 'to be blessed and live long.'It is popular as a New Years Eve gift given to superiors because it is said to be able to pass the new year.In Hokkaido, Japan, there are aboriginal people called ‘Ainu’,who call plentiful plants ‘Cron’.Once upon a time there lived a beautiful goddess named Cron.Her Cron had a lover of hers,but her father tried to force her only daughter, her,to her valiant land dragon god to marry her.

However, she ran away to another province,where Crohn took advantage of the night with her lover and she hid.Angry at this, the father freed the people to find them,and in anger, he turned them into flowers.It is said that 'eternal happiness', which they have been looking for since then, has become the flower language of revenge plant.In the mountainous regions of Tibet, there is a rare medicinal herb called Nodva.

This herb sprouts from the crevices of the rocks under the perennial snow in the Himalayas and blooms. When the flowers bloom,the plant itself emits heat and melts the surrounding snowthat has accumulated 3 to 4 meters. This herb, which can be called ‘the hearth of a plant’,is a special medicine for kidney disease, bladder disease, body swelling, or revenge.

Like Nordvar, flowers bloom in the snow in early spring before the snow melts,melting the surrounding snow with the heat from the plant itself.Today, we introduced the 41st episode of Wildflowers, the first of its kind in the world.
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