How to Grow and Take care of alocasia x amazonica


hi there my name is memo this is my channel house  planty goodness and essentially it's a place where  i like to geek out about my big passion which you  might be able to see around me and in front of me  it's tropical house plants so today i want to talk  about the plant that you might be able to see in  front of me and for some people that have got this  in the collection they might be swearing at their  screen right now.

 because this is the allocation  amazonica polly or at least that's where i keep  seeing the name come up some people might say that  it's the alocasia amazonica some people might say  it's the allocation poly some people i've  seen it called the amazonica polly as well  so take from it what you will let's talk a  bit more about this plant however so like  About the plant i'm sure you've seen in some other videos this is  a plant that was made it was hybridized by humans.

  i'm not entirely sure what the cross was  in order to create this and i'm not even  sure if that's been released because a lot of the  times if the plant has been crossed in the trade  there's usually not an awful lot of information of  what the cross might be there might be some good  guesses if i can find online what people assume  that this has been crossed with or even if it's  been confirmed i'll add it somewhere on the video  and you might be able to see what the cross of the  two different allocations was but the reason why  i'm saying that this is a plant that might get a  few people's hackles up is because this tends to  be a relatively easy allocation to find in most  stores.

 at least in my location so in the uk and i  would assume europe is probably the same as well  it's definitely got a very interesting leaf  look to it it's not um velvety in the touch  it's kind of leathery relatively kind of stiff  not particularly stiff but relatively kind of  durable leaves let's just call it that way  probably more so than some other locations  which might have some thinner leaves not so much  like the dual allocations the dual allocations  tend to have slightly harder leaves i'm thinking  of for instance the the alocasia black velvet  that's got slightly harder leaves the same thing  with the dragon skills and everything like that  but this has definitely got a bit of a  leathery feel to it like most allocations .

 and i will say this is probably the  allocation that does this the most  it is a spider-mite magnet absolute spider-mite  magnet and you can see that you might have  seen this in some of my other videos these are  satchels of predatory mites and they are predatory  spider mite um mites essentially so  they're a different type of mite that will  eat the spider mites so good mites.

 we like these  types of mites we don't like the spider mites  Spider mites i know uh so one of the people that  i've always followed on youtube which  is plants pots and whatnots and if you haven't  discovered the channel by all means please go  and give her all the love that you can because  just awesome human being great collection i  can't say any more than that really but she has  actually had some challenges recently because  she used some of the predatory mites and  she was saying that she got even more mites .

 i don't know if that's a batch issue or there's  a specific retailer in canada where she's based  and that it might be a bit of an issue here i've  not had that problem in the uk and i've not had  that problem with the spider mites predatory  company that i use over here which is dragonfly  if i'm not mistaken um so i've been really lucky  when it comes to that the other thing that you  might notice on this plant and hopefully if i  move this leaf you might be able to see it there  probably let me see if i can bring it in a bit  closer so you might be able to see it a bit more.

 i  don't know if you can see that orange blob that's  happening there that is actually seeds of the  Seeds alocasia and i haven't pollinated it so i'm not  entirely sure if that is fertile seeds or not  and that is another point i want to say  there's one two three four four spent flour  pods essentially is what they turn into after the  bloom is spent it doesn't smell particularly as  far as i can tell you um and generally speaking  in terms of care for this plant if you want more  foliage and this goes with most plants to be  fair chop off the blooms especially if it's not  anything that you necessarily want to see over  and over and over again and that will release  some energy back into the plant to then push out  more folate more foliage rather than more blooms.

  so that's something to bear in mind but as  i said spider mites probably going to be  the biggest issue over here with this one this  is also one that some people struggle to keep  happy with and in my experience through growing a  lot of allocation for a long period of time this  might be the first allocation that people buy i  don't and again this is just my opinion i don't  think this is the best one to maybe start off with  it's not as straightforward as you might believe  based on how readily available and how cheap  it is in the market.

 but take that how you will  essentially but uh in my experience with this one  it's the same as most allocations it likes to get  watered just before the soil goes dry a moisture  meter will be your friend in this one i don't  know whether or not you've noticed when i picked  this up earlier on i have since transferred this  specific allocation into pond rather than soil i  know allocation generally do quite well in lekker  i tried lekker it's it wasn't for me pond.

 i am  really enjoying at the moment so to choose upon  and this one is doing quite well and actually  unlike a lot of my other allocation in pond  i do let this dry out a bit more before  i water it it's not in a water reservoir  i'm just watering it the same way that it i would  have done if it was within soil rather than pond  Humidity and it seems to be loving life which is good and  generally speaking i'm not surprised most of the  allocation that i've moved over to pond are doing  really really well now humidity with this one i've  tended to have it in household humidity a lot  of times above radiators which probably agitates  the spider my issue a bit more .

because i tend  to get more spider mites in the winter than i  do in the summer because of the the heat the dry  heat from the radiators and there's less humidity  but so far the interesting thing that has  happened and this is only based on a few months of  experience with this plant is since i've moved it  into lekker i've had less issues not like a pawn  i've had less issues with spider mites to be  entirely frank i have not had any spider mites  since moving it in and i was fully expecting the  moment that it moved into a dryer medium that  it would have that issue but  it's doing really really well  with most allocation same thing goes with this  one if you don't get the watering just right  and i'm really sorry to tell you this but  it's going to be a bit of a trial and error  until you get it right for your plant in your  environment of getting that watering of watering.

  it just because before it goes fully dry you  will see this plant sacrifice the oldest leaf  for a new leaf to emerge and it kind of  makes sense the problem that happens then  is that if you started with an allocation with  three leaves and that happens and you get a new  leaf and you lose an old leaf you've still got  an allocation with three leaves you don't have  an allocation with four leaves and because of  the way that it grows out of a central corn  that could be a challenge for some people  but just getting the watering just right  is going to be one of those things that's  really going to help you with this plant.

  in terms of fertilizing the same thing that i do  with most of my other plants once every second or  third watering i will properly fertilize this  plant even in the winter because i've always  got this in a south-facing window i think i've  said this previously as well with most of my  allocation maybe not the dual allocation with most  of my allocation i almost give them south facing  bright bright lights almost the same level as a  cactus if i can give them a bit more shade and i  will prefer that but they generally tend to do  a bit better than that i think the moment that  i move them into slightly lower light or maybe  just a bright indirect light is the moment that  i start having my allocation struggle again  that's just been my experience and obviously.

  i'm in the northern hemisphere so obviously  south-facing window gets the brightest light  if you're in the southern hemisphere then that's  going to be the opposite for you essentially but Outro overall after a while you will get the hang  of this and it does eventually become one  of your easier allocation to take care of but  there's going to be a bit of trial and error  don't get disheartened if this is the first  allocation you've got and it didn't do well  try with some other allocations i would almost  say i'm trying to think now of another one  i for me at least one of the easier allocations  that i found were both the allocation zabrina  that was easier than this and also the allocation.

  i want to say gagiana but the allocation guardian  verigate is the other big leaf allocation that  i have i think it's the allocation macro riser  with just the big traditional green elephant  ear leaves and i know both the sabrina  and the macro riser are quite in your face and  they can get quite large and kind of small tree  size when you get the care just right so bear  that in mind this will stay a bit more compact  but yeah i think that's what i wanted to say  about this one what have your experiences been  with growing this type of allocation have you  struggled have you had some successes what have  you done maybe differently to what i do do drop.

  it in the comments down below i'd love to have  that conversation i'm sure other people would like  to know kind of other success stories or even some  failure stories and yeah as i said previously i'll  say it again don't get disheartened if this is one  that you don't do particularly well with as i said  in my experience i don't truly think that this is  a true beginner alocasia but yeah hopefully  you've enjoyed hopefully i shall see you here  soon and i truly truly hope you have  a great rest of your day thanks bye.


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