How to Grow and take Care of Sedum Angelina Stonecrop


Now, here's an interesting thing. Sometimes you look at two plants and they look in some ways, particularly at first plants, to be quite similar. But just look at these two selections here. The first one on the left is Sedom Angelina, a very reliable evergreen sedam that spreads out, makes a beautiful carpet, very easy to grow, lovely lemon yellow color during the summertime, that goes a bright orange color going into the autumn. 

And then, of course, also during the wintertime. It's so reliable that it's become part of the Handpick for you collection. That's why it has this certified tag on it. But then look at this newer selection that's called Angelina's teacup. 

Now, this is a first look plant from the Handpicked For You program. And as you see, it also has yellow foliage. But when you look at it in comparison to Angelina, you'll see that this is much tighter, more compact, and puts on, as you see, just a beautiful show as well. 

What's also interesting about this plant is that in three years of testing it, we've never seen it flower. So it's a non flowering form, and therefore, you don't have to worry about unsightly flower stems that turn brown and look a little disheveled looking during the wintertime. 

So if you're looking for a tight, compact, growing form of Angelina that doesn't flower and makes a beautiful plant for a rockery, a raised bed tainer, or even just a pot by the front door, this is Sedam Angelina's Teacup. 

And then the regular variety, which is also really good, is called Sedam Angelina. 

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