A female passenger has died after a serious car crash in Victoria’s north, with a teenage girl under police guard


We start in Victoria where a 14 year old girl is under police guard in hospital accused of being the driver in a deadly crash in the states north. Adam Higate is at the scene at Locksley. Adam, good morning to you. This is just terrible. What do we know has happened? 

Good morning. To be in a terrible is absolutely the right word. What we understand in this early stage is that car that 14 year old was behind the wheel of has gone into the back of a truck heading in the same direction on the Hume Highway. 

You can see behind me the start of the roadblock. This is where traffic is being redirected around the scene. A good 10 kilometre section of the Hume's closed off right now as police try to piece together exactly what transpired. 

At the scene you'll see a bit of the aftermath here. That's what they're piecing through at the moment. You'll see the damage. A lot of damage to the front passenger side of the car and then the back right side of the truck. 

You can ascertain what's happened. There are break marks on the road. To recap in terms of the injuries here, the front passenger on the left side of the car, female passengers sadly died at the scene. 

That 14 year old girl behind the wheel, she's been flown to hospital. What we understand is another primary school aged male in the back seats also being driven to hospital. Then there's a 45 year old truck driver who hasn't been injured. The only real positive right now if we can say anything like that is most of those I've just listed are in hospital in a stable condition but just recapping that female passenger dying in this absolutely awful scene. 

Davina a lot as I say, pleased to piece together in these early stages and just a shocking, shocking scene here this morning. And so much more to come throughout the day Adam will stay across developments. Thank you. 

Well convicted wife, Keller Chris Dawson will soon learn his fate on a carnal knowledge charge. The 74 year olds accused of having a sexual relationship decades ago with a teenage girl who was his student. 

He is already behind bars after being found guilty of the murder of his wife Lynette. A 17 year old girl is in custody after a crash and allegedly stolen car in Melbourne last night. 

Police called to the scene at South Bank where the allegedly stolen silver Mercedes sedan smashed into another vehicle pushing it into a business shop front just before 1030. Hours before it's believed the car also rammed a police car after crashing into a bus. 

Well police are this morning hunting the killers of a 14 year old schoolboy who was fatally stabbed in St. Albans in Melbourne's Northwest. Christina Hearn reports. Well we're learning more about the victim this morning with 14 year old Ethan Hoak remembered as a sweet and an amazing friend who attended Bray Brook College. 

But on Monday night he was mowed down by an SUV before being stabbed to death on a suburban street in St. Albans. CCTV footage capture Ethan and his friends running down a street near a train station in St. Albans after a trip to the city shortly before the shocking incident. 

The masked killers are still on the run this morning. Police are also looking for the SUV and the knives involved in the fatal stabbing. This is the latest in a series of stabbings involving teenage victims in Melbourne over the past 12 months including a schoolboy stabbed to death outside Sunshine train station last month. 

Police do believe that this latest stabbing was a targeted attack but at this stage of their investigation they don't believe it's gang related. The fears of fatal shooting and bond eye junction will spark retaliation attacks in Sydney's underworld. 

Drug kinping Alan Meridian was gunned down in a car park yesterday morning. Police now hunting for two shooters who abandoned one getaway car and torched a second. After days of civil unrest in Russia it's been revealed this morning the leader of the country's Wagner group has arrived in Belarus after being exiled there. 

Well, there had been a question mark about the whereabouts of the Genie pregosion ever since the Aborted Coup attempt, or the military uprising, or the mutiny, whatever you want to call it, in Russia at the weekend. 

But President Lukashenko of Belarus has confirmed pregosion is now his guest in the capital Minsk. He also says he had to talk in negotiations, letting Putin out, of trying to kill pregosion 

at the weekend. In the meantime, Putin himself held a parade inside the Kremlin with hundreds of soldiers thanking them from stopping what he called a civil war in Russia. And for the first time ever, confirming that the Russian state had funded the Wagner Group, 

the tune of more than a billion dollars, that's significant because prior to this, Russia denied Wagner even existed. Meantime at CNN's had an interview with Ukraine's Foreign Minister, asking if Ukrainian government 

had any advance warning itself of the events that played out at the weekend. No, we did not have any specific information with kind of the timeline of possible implementation of pregosion plans. 


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