A Gold Coast woman who allegedly faked cancer and pocketed thousands of dollars in donations from the community is set to face court.


The former Gold Coast child care worker will soon face court accused of faking a cancer diagnosis. Police allege Olivia Ward lied about a terminal illness and took thousands of dollars in donations from unsuspecting families. 

This is Olivia Ward, a 27 year old woman accused of a despicable act. Police allege she faked cancer and pocketed thousands of dollars in donations. Have you made a miraculous recovery? 

It was a very believable story. Olivia worked at this Madruba after hours child care centre. Her former boss claims that in February last year she told her colleagues she had terminal 

cancer. She shaved her head and my staff would go and pick her up from appointments. The community rallied, holding a fundraiser at a local school. One of the young girls that she used to look after smashed her open to a piggy bank and 

came and gave the money. All up it's claimed that $18 ,000 was raised and given to Olivia. Chad Small says he donated $2 ,500 to the fundraiser. Money he says he raised after losing his own sister to cancer 

a few months earlier. Money was to go to other people that were in a similar situation to my sister to hopefully help their end of life journey. Police now allege the donations were never Olivia's to take and that her terminal illness 

was just one big sham. I would never have guessed in a million years that she didn't have cancer. What did you spend the money on? Olivia now works at a suburban Brisbane coffee shop. We asked her about the allegations. 


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