Belarus' leader has confirmed the founder of Russia’s mercenary Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has safely arrived in the country


You're watching today. Let's take a look at what's making headlines around the world right now after mystery over his whereabouts. It has now been confirmed this morning the founder of Russia's mercenary Wagner group is now in Belarus. 

Europe correspondent Brett MacLeod is following the story and joins us live now. Brett, the Belarus leader says progosian is welcome to stay for some time. What does that mean? Yes, President Lukashenko of Belarus has well welcomed Pragosian there and also said any of the former Wagner group fighters that want to make their home there are welcome, too. 

Might be a handy way for him to pick up a few more soldiers for his own army. Pragosian's whereabouts were a mystery. He did release an audio message yesterday, but after backing down on his march on Moscow, there was a lot of questions about whether he was still with us. 

But he is and is obviously going to make Belarus his home for some time. In the meantime, at the Kremlin, a very staged ceremony put on by Vladimir Putin to look at looks like he's won a major victory, as opposed to a man who just survived an uprising. 

At the weekend, he thanked hundreds of soldiers standing before him for, as he said, stopping a civil war. But they didn't stop Russians being killed by other Russians. There was a minute silence held for fighter pilots who were killed by brigosian's troops. 

In the meantime, CNN has had an interview with the foreign minister for Ukraine asking if they had any advance warning about what happened in Russia at the weekend. No, we did not have any specific information with kind of the timeline of possible implementation of pregnancy's plans, but for us, it has always been pretty obvious that it's just a matter of time when someone in Russia will dare to challenge Putin. 

While all this plays out, the war in Ukraine continues. There's been a missile attack at Kramer Torsk and a shopping center, a place frequented by aid groups. At least two people killed and nearly two dozen injured. 

Awful rolls on, doesn't it? Brett McLeod. Thank you. Violence has erupted in a suburb of Paris after a 17 year old was shot by police. The teen was killed after he refused to stop for a traffic check outside the capitol. 

Emergency services tried to resuscitate him, but he died shortly afterwards. A report released today has revealed convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was able to take his own life in jail due to careless but not criminal behavior. 

A justice department report says multiple employees failed to conduct rounds when Epstein was at the New York city's metropolitan correctional center in 2019. The report says Epstein should have been roomed with a fellow inmate since he was on suicide watch. 

Senior US. Officials have revealed they are in talks to expand the orcas agreement to other countries. The US. Navy's chief of operations says it is time to hit the accelerator on the PAC's limitless ambition to share technology. 

Australia will obtain nuclear powered submarines under what's known as pillar one of the deal with the US. And the UK. The Missouri teen who was shot after ringing the wrong doorbell has this morning spoken out for the first time. 

Ralph yal says that he never thought he would be shot, even after the elderly man at the door pointed a gun at him. I'm just on the porch, so then I hear the door open. I see this old man, and I'm assuming, oh, this must there be like, their grandpa? 

And then he pulls out his gun and I'm like, whoa. Were there any words that were exchanged before he shot you? He only said five words don't come here ever again. The 17 year old was shot in the head and arm when he went to the wrong house to pick up his siblings. 

Several protesters have been arrested after climate activists from just stop oil targeted at a multinational energy firm in london. The group doused the total energy's office with. Orange paint, then entered the building and sprayed black paint over the floors in the reception area. 

They were voicing anger over an oil pipeline running through Africa. And a meteor has lit up the night sky over the Czech Republic. The marvels spotted exploding in the sky last night before splitting up into smaller fragments. 

Told you it was going to come close. Little bit of breeze in that one. We live for another day. Well, there are fears of revenge after a major Sydney crime figure was shot dead at Bondi Junction. It's the fifth gangland crime murder since the start of the year. 

The wars escalated in late 2020 with the murder of Measured Humsy. 18 people have been killed since then. This year, we've seen shootings in Sefton, Elizabeth Hills, Fairfield and Granville. Now the killings spilling out into Sydney's East. 

Here with us is former New South Wales police officer Peter Moroni. Peter, thanks so much for your time. This was a brazen targeted attack in Bondi. Can you run us through what happened leading up to this shooting? 


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