Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey has faced court, accused of sex offences against four men.


Live to Europe, you're a chief, Hugh Whitfield in London for us where actor Kevin Spacey has just faced court accused of sex offences. Hugh, how is this expected to play out? Well Andrew, we expect this criminal trial to last at least a month. Kevin Spacey arrived 

surprisingly early to the Southwark Crown Court here in London, more than two hours before the court sat. Obviously the two -⁠time Oscar winner is not a foreign concept for him to appear before a bank of cameras and that's certainly what happened today. He appeared 

before the judge confirming his legal name, Kevin Spacey Fowler, before the jury of nine men and three women was impaneled and heard details of some of the 12 charges that Spacey is facing. Four men accused Spacey of a series of sexual assault related offences over the 

course of 12 years up to 2013. At the time Spacey was working as the artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre here in London and was living essentially permanently in Britain. One of the claimants says that Spacey grabbed, squeezed and touched his genitals and buttocks 

over clothing. The 63 -⁠year -⁠old has pleaded not guilty, he strenuously denies all the charges against him. This is a high -⁠profile trial, it is expected to attract a lot of attention over the coming weeks. The jury has been told that even though they may have 

heard of Kevin Spacey before, may have even seen some of his films, that shouldn't preclude them from reaching a fair verdict. And of course Kevin Spacey hasn't been working for nearly six years since these charges first emerged. He's been in and out of court as 

this process has worked its way through the legal system here in England over more than 12 months. So he'll be spending almost every day over the next month here at this court. Okay, thanks so much Hugh. 


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