Police are fearing a wave of potential revenge attacks in the wake of the brutal execution of a "major underworld figure" at Bondi Junction yesterday.


The years of revenge after a major Sydney crime figure was shot dead at Bondi Junction. It's the fifth Gangland crime murder since the start of the year the wars escalated in late 2020 with the murder of measured Humsey. 

18 people have been killed since then. This year we've seen shootings in Sefton, Elizabeth Hills, Fairfield and Granville. Now the killings spilling out into Sydney's east. Here with us is former New South Wales police officer Peter Moroney. 

Peter, thanks so much for your time. This was a brazen targeted attack in Bondi. Can you run us through what happened leading up to this shooting? Yeah, look in terms of you absolutely right that he was hit within a car park in an underground building. 

So in order for someone to get him in that location they have obviously been watching him for a period of time to track his movements and identify the most appropriate time to do the execution 

whilst trying to get away at the same time without leaving as much evidence as they could. Now we are hearing that Alan Marudian was warned there was a bounty on his head and that he'd made various different, he's had different houses to try and protect himself 

but why was he a target? Look in terms of if we listen to his alleged history of why he was at the top of the chain why is a target could have been for a number of reasons. First and foremost if he's involved in 

that organised crime world just because one chooses to leave it if in fact he did doesn't mean you then escape all of your past sins. So no doubt there has been a beef or a long -⁠running issue 

for some time that's just unfortunately caught up with him. Yeah and I guess the thing is with these murders in the gangland they really happen in isolation right? I mean would you expect some sort of retaliation to flow from here? 

Yeah look if history is anything to go by absolutely you would you know we've only got to look over the last two or three years in Sydney itself and we see the tit for tat executions that do occur. The police are doing a fair bit as they put forward yesterday through 

Superintendent Doherty to say they're trying to quell the issues however when you look at the way the person was executed there is a likelihood that repercussions are going to come 

in some format. How do police handle this? I mean this is scary stuff I mean it takes a stray bullet to hit a member of the public and then we're in all kinds of trouble. Yeah look you're right in terms of if again if we look at the the way the shootings are being 

carried out they're with a lot of if I dare say it skill and timing in terms of hitting the person away from a very large public gathering but you're right that if they do happen to miss and 

there's retaliatory shootings then unfortunately it's the members of the public that may get caught up with the stray bullet. The two gunmen are still on the run we know that the police have a weapon 

that they seized yesterday one of the cars wasn't fully burnt out despite efforts. Should Sydney Siders be worried or do you think police perhaps close to finding these two? Yeah look in terms of being close to finding them only the police could tell us that I wouldn't 

imagine they'd be too close at the moment but certainly trying to close that net. In terms of the general public the police did a lot of work yesterday around trying to stem the panic that may may arise. Look generally are you and I got any issue? Probably not because 

we're not tied up into that world but it is that unfortunate spillover that if it's not contained that's where you and I then become potentially a side target. Well as we've heard I mean it's 


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