Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised the work of the military in stopping a “civil war” as Yevgeny Prigozhin


Returning now to Russia, where President Vladimir Putin has addressed the military overnight, praising their work in stopping a civil war following the Aborted Wagner revolt. For more, let's bring in former ambassador and National Security adviser John Bolton. 

John, good morning to you. What losses do you think Russia suffered in this rebellion? Well, it's hard to say because there's so much we don't know. But I think more likely than not, a loss to the Wagner group. 

I think they're about to be made no, absorbed in part by the Defense Ministry, in part just going home. Maybe some ruse a lot of people have said reflects real weakness on Putin's part that's possible, but I don't see that displayed quite yet. 

Putin remains very much in control, and with Pergosion gone and potentially gone for good if he's not careful. I think this weakens Putin, but I weakens him politically, fatally at this point. Is it much to do about nothing, or is it something to do with everything? 

Answer to that question. I think the main thing to watch at the moment, though, is what happens battlefield in Ukraine, because I do believe Ukrainian forces, in the course of the ongoing Spring offensive, have been probing for weaknesses in Russian defenses and any distraction, like we saw this weekend, some Wagner group force out of the line back into Russia. 

Maybe some morale impact on regular Russian horses. Just general confusion and disarray may provide opportunities. I haven't seen any exploited yet, but we still got some time here. I think it's worth watching Putin. 

Really long term. His fate will depend on the outcome. Russian success, more than they've had now, I think would help cement his position. Another series of significant Russian losses could put him in a very difficult domestically in Russia. 

Yeah, I guess it showed that there was the ability to do it, and it caught him by surprise, which is something that we haven't seen before war. Does any of this speed up what's happening in Ukraine in terms of movement towards an end of the war? 

Well, I don't see it yet, unfortunately. I think a lot of lot rides on Ukrainian offensive. It's gotten a lot of advanced billing as something that could make a difference in subsequent peace talks. I haven't seen that yet. 

I'm very worried that he cannot achieve on the battlefield what he wants. He's hoping to achieve it, and that the risk is that any ceasefire line that may come in could become a new Russian border, which would be, at this point, very bad for Ukraine. 

Awful. That is a worrying outlook. John, appreciate your time with us in Australia, as always. Thank you so much. After days of civil unrest in Russia, it has been revealed this morning the leader of the country's Wagner Group has arrived in Belarus after being exiled there. 

Europe correspondent Brett McLeod is following the story. Good morning to you, Brett. The announcement ends days of speculation over Precosion's whereabouts. That's right. Vladimir Putin is not exactly known as a forgiven forget sort of guy when he's crossed. 

So there was some speculation about what had actually happened happened. They had the Wagner group. But now President Lukashenko of Belarus has confirmed that Pragosian is in Minsk as his guest. He's also invited any other. 

Former fighters with the Wagner group to come to Belarus. There where they would be welcomed. This on a day when there was a show put on at the Kremlin involving Vladimir Putin, who invited hundreds of Russian soldiers before him to thank them for their part in what he called stopping a civil war. 

Yet it's quite obvious that they didn't put up much of a fight, and more so, Russian troops were lost to Russian forces. There was a minute silence for those who were killed by Pragosian's own troops. 

And for the first time, Putin confirmed that the Viking group had been paid by the Kremlin. Watching on closely, of course, across the border, ukraine and Ukraine's foreign minister was asked whether they were aware of what was about to happen at the weekend in Russia. 

No, we did not have any specific information with kind of the timeline of possible implementation of pregogence plans. But for us, it has always been pretty obvious that it's just a matter of time when someone in Russia will dare to challenge Putin. 

The war rolls on relentlessly. Still, a Russian missile slamming into a shopping center in Kramer, Turk. At least two people killed and close to two dozen injured. Jane. Brett. Thank you. You our. 


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