Teenager Ethan Hoac has been identified as the victim of a fatal stabbing in Melbourne's north-west on Monday night.


New details have emerged of the moments leading up to the fatal stabbing of a 14 -⁠year -⁠old Melbourne boy, a car chasing the victim and his friends before he was attacked. Today Melbourne reporter Christina Hearn is following the story. 

Chris, police are still hunting for the car and offenders. Yeah, that's right, Sarah, and we're learning more about the victim. 14 -⁠year -⁠old Ethan Hoak, he was, first of all, mowed down by an SUV and then stabbed to death 

on a suburban street in St. Albans. This morning he is being remembered as sweet and an amazing friend. CCTV footage has captured the moment that Ethan and his friends were seen running near a train 

station in St. Albans after they returned from a night out in the city. This is just moments before the attack. Police are still looking for the SUV and also the knives involved in this 

shocking incident. This, of course, is the latest in a series of knife crimes involving Melbourne, involving teenage victims in Melbourne. And while police do believe this is a targeted 

attack on this Braybrook College student, they don't believe that it is gang -⁠related, but here they are this morning, Sarah, investigating yet another teenage murder in Melbourne. 


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