The latest inflation figures are pointing to a pause in interest rate rises when the Reserve Bank Board meets next week.


We have a national guessing game where drip fair to all the key economic data that shapes the next interest rates decision and collectively take a stab on what the Reserve Bank might 

do tonight. The latest inflation figures are pointing to a pause when the board meets next week. There was a decrease in the consumer price index for the month of May down to 5 .6%, 

falling petrol prices fuelled the decline. The staples though, like basic groceries and electricity, are only rising. Grace Fitzgibbon joins me from the newsroom. Grace, what are economists saying tonight? 

And economists say, well, this is promising. It's too early for borrowers to start celebrating just yet. The dip, sure, takes some pressure off the Reserve Bank and the overwhelming view tonight 

is it's likely to encourage the Governor, Philip Lowe, to keep interest rates on hold. We spoke to Shane Oliver from AMP who says we've seen more than enough increases and wants a freeze. 

Treasurer Jim Chalmers says it's a sign the peak is moderating. The opposition leader welcomed it but is worried about power prices. It doesn't necessarily mean the hikes are all over and done with though. 

Another rise is predicted around August before rates are forecast to start coming down early next year. Regardless, it's a sign it's tracking in the right direction and a light at the end 


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