Woolworths will start removing confectionery marketed towards children from its checkout aisles nationally in an effort to make parents' lives easier.


A big change at Woolworths could make life easier for parents dealing with pester power. From today, the supermarket giant will start removing kids confectionery from its checkout aisles while increasing the number of healthier snacks. 

It's the added pressure parents can well do without the pleading for treats at the checkout at the end of a shopping trip. Starting today, all Woolworths supermarkets will remove enticing kids confectionery, things that are directly marketed for children. 

So whether it might have a cartoon character on it or like a smaller snack size for a child. So thinking things like lollipops chocolate with toys in it or the chocolate caramels. Or frogs, there will still be some chocolate and chips on display at the end of the checkout aisles, but a smaller variety with a boost to the number of healthier snacks. 

You'll see more nut bars, popcorn, healthier cereal bars on our checkouts. The supermarket giant says it's simply responding to customer demands for healthier options, encouraging given what's been happening to our waistlines. 

The latest data shows that 67% of Australians were either overweight or obese in 2017 18. That's 12.5 million people. But the prediction is that will hit 18 million people by 2030 if the current trend continues. 

What we're seeing here with these initiatives at Woolworths is really leading the way. And even just a simple thing of having free fruit for the kids when you come into the store so that they've got something in their hands to eat that's healthy for the whole shopping time is really great. 

Cole says it's always looking to make healthier alternatives more accessible to customers in every grocery aisle. Aldi says it has very little unhealthy food or drinks on end of aisle displays given limited space. 

Eddie Meyer, Nine News. 


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