A Craigmore woman is behind bars accused of poisoning her own elderly parents to death.


A small woman is tonight behind bars accused of poisoning her own elderly parents to death. Police say the 62 -year -old deliberately gave her 94 -year -old mother and father drug overdoses 

a year apart. This is Raylene Poli -Miades, Brenda and Linton Anderson's daughter, and now their accused killer. The 62 -year -old was arrested at her Craigmore home this morning, her husband Michael, 

and her daughter, Linton. Refusing to comment as he left in his work ut. Before major crime detectives returned to the street, searching the home and speaking to neighbours. Brenda Anderson died in March last year in Linton Anderson in May this year. Both were 

94. Police allege both were given a lethal overdose of prescription medication, and the investigators say she was close to her parents and trusted by them. Her alleged crimes carried 

out during visits to her mum at the Nalanga hospital and her dad at his Hackham home. Today's arrest, leaving her neighbours in disbelief. It's pretty sad. It is pretty sad, but I mean I don't know the circumstances behind it. 

Oh, it's dreadful, isn't it? Totally shocked. It's just a reminder, I think, that you just don't know what's going on inside closed doors. Neighbours say they've noticed detectives coming and going from this Craigmore street in recent weeks, 

but they never imagined they were here investigating a suspected murderer. I actually thought it was like a drug bust, not like...what is alleged? An alleged motive is yet to be revealed. Lauren Rose, 7 News. 

Let's go live to Deanna Williams D. The accused killer will spend the night in the City Watch House. She will, Rosanna Rayleen, Polymyardus will remain here under police guard ahead of her first court appearance 

tomorrow morning. She was brought here straight after her arrest at Craigmore this morning and has spent the day being questioned by major crime detectives. It's likely the 62 -year -old will speak with a lawyer in the morning about the possibility of applying for bail. 

If that happens, we're likely to hear a lot more about the charges, potentially even an alleged motive. If not, she'll be transported directly to the women's prison at Northfield until her next court.


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