A growing number of Australians are missing mortgage repayments and even skipping meals to pay their buy now pay later accounts.


By now, Pay Later has gone beyond satisfying a splurge. With mounting cost of living pressures, people are turning to this easy credit to make ends meet. Used for groceries, petrol, the dentists and to avoid penalties, 

research by Finder shows 2 .8 million Australians have put their By Now Pay Later payments before other bills. 14% saying they'd skipped a power bill, 11% going without a meal, 9% missing a mortgage payment. 

We're setting themselves up for disaster with other things like increased energy prices and the rising cost of food. Financial councillors say some try to deal with the debt by opening up more By Now Pay Later accounts. 

With concerns about the growing pressure on families, today more help for more people to be able to afford a car without getting caught in a debt spiral. This year we have issued more no -interest loans than in any years previously. 

Good Shepherd with the federal government and NAB making more people eligible for loans of up to $3 ,000 without interest. It is a really important alternative to things like payday lending or loan sharks. 

Transport is critical to stay connected with community, connected with job, sure kids can get to school.


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