A Toorak mega mansion is about be transformed into a five-storey luxury home inspired by a cruise ship.


A two rack mega -mansion is about to be transformed into a five -story luxury home inspired by a cruise ship. The Riverside property has been given the tick of approval to set sail. 

Nestled in one of Melbourne's most lavish pockets, this St George's Road property has a date with a bulldozer to make way for this as the yonder embarks on another voyage. If you've got a big site with a hill and a view of the river, then it's probably quite a good shape. 

On board, the five -story mega -mansion will boast nothing but luxury. There's only around 25 homes that actually face the Yarra -Onson -Georgias Road, so to have something like this is quite unique. The two rack home last sold in 2017 for $6 .2 million. The new landmark 

will be built over 1 ,000 square meters and it's smooth sailing ahead from council. It just ticks all the boxes and it's really easy to approve something like this one. It's also a bit sort of surprising and troubling maybe when we're in the middle of a housing crisis. 

It's not the only property making waves. A Star Wars Imperial light cruiser is on the market in the Macedon Rangers. Obviously it's going to appeal to Star Wars fanatics, just people that 

are after really unique engineering and design and architecture starting at $1 million and $50 ,000. As for what we might see next, just leave it to the imagination. Architects and clients in particular are always looking to one up each other, 

so what's the next big idea? Sarah Jones, 7 News


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