He lost 10 friends in a bus crash on his wedding night.


He lost 10 friends in that bus crash on his wedding night. Today, Mitchell Gaffney somehow found the courage to speak at one of the funerals. Zach Bray was remembered as a lovable larrikin 

and an adored brother and son, never taking life for granted after beating cancer. Clenching his fist, carrying the coffin of his firstborn. Adam Bray did what no father should ever have to do, showing his love for Zach until the 

very end. Family and friends embraced in unbearable grief for a mining engineer who had finally met the love of his life. My heart hurts and I can't deny it, but I know that it hurts 

deeply because it was deeply real. A deep loss too for Mitchell Gaffney, Zach was one of 10 guests killed on his wedding night. A footy teammate friend off the field, a lovable larrikin. Although you'll never 

get the chance to pull the jumper on again, you'll always be their biocide. 29 -year -old Zach beat bowel cancer and was dedicated to raising awareness. Being your mum is my greatest achievement, Zach. And to see you here, laying in this box just doesn't 

make any sense. Saying goodbye through their special song. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. Many of the mourners here will gather again in Singleton next week to honour the lives 

of Nadine and Kaya McBride. The mother and daughter will be the final bus crash victims to be farewelled after eight funeral services for their close mates across the country. A keen pilot, Zach was happiest in the sky. Tonight he's flying high. 

Over and out. Rest in peace my beautiful boy. Annie Puller, 7 News


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