There's mystery surrounding the discovery of 2 bodies in 2 separate burnt out cars on opposite sides of the city.


There's a mystery surrounding the discovery of two bodies in two separate burnt -out cars on opposite sides of the city. Residents at one crime scene reported hearing gunshots. Police are now trying to work out if the deaths are linked. 

Fire engulfs a hatchback on a north Parramatta Street. When the flames are finally extinguished, police make a grisly discovery, a body in the driver's seat. It was like, oh shoot, there's someone inside there. 

Residents rushed outside just after two this morning to the sound of sirens, but it's what they heard beforehand that has police on edge. I heard there was like a pop kind of sound. 

That popping sound, I was like, I haven't heard that before. They believe they were gunshot, the homicide squad now investigating. Until such time as we determined further details, it is being treated as suspicious. 

Two hours earlier and 50 kilometres south in Waterfall, an eerily similar crime scene. Inside the shell of this burnt -out Toyota RAV4, another body, another mystery for police. Officers searching the dense bushland of the Royal National Park for evidence. 

The badly burnt -out wreck towed from the scene for forensic analysis as police begin their investigation to determine if these incidents are linked. It is too early to tell. Tonight, both bodies are yet to be formally identified. 

So many questions, still unanswered. Taylor Aiken, 7 News. Superintendent Barry Vincent, Paramatter Police Area Command. So shortly after 2 o 'clock, 15 am this morning, emergency services were called to Web Street in North Paramatter 

following reports of a motor vehicle on fire. Fire and Rescue in New South Wales responded whereupon the fire was extinguished and it was identified that there was a deceased person within that car. 

A crime scene was established. Investigators have attended the scene. Forensic examination has been conducted of that scene and the vehicle and both have been taken for forensic examination, further forensic examination. 

A post -mortem examination is yet to be completed and the identity of the deceased person is not known at this time. We've established strike force ASCUE to investigate all circumstances of this matter 

and until such time as we determine further details, it is being treated as suspicious and as such we've sought the liaison and assistance of our homicide squad. We are calling upon any members of the public who may have any information, 

dashcam footage or CCTV that may assist our enquiries around that time in Web Street North Paramatter to contact us at Paramatter Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 00. It's early days obviously but what sort of clues or what indications 

have you got that would suggest it is suspicious? Why do you think that? Until we can determine otherwise what has caused this fire and the death of this person we'll just be treating it as suspicious until we learn otherwise. 

Do you know where the body was in the car? Was it in the driver's seat, in the back? I can only indicate that they were found to be in the driver's seat. Hearing that potentially there was some gun shots that rung out on Web Street 

in the moments before the fire, have you heard anything? I've only just recently learned of that information myself. We certainly came to speak to that person who may have heard gun shots 

to contact us on Crime Stoppers 1800 333 00 to make sure we get that information.


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